Ravensbourne Factory Visit

Students from Ravensbourne University visited Fashion Enter and the Factory on Tuesday 13th February 2018. Ravensbourne is an industry-focused design and digital Media University based in North Greenwich, London.

The goal of the visit was to inform the students about the garment process that takes places within an ethical SMETA and fast forward factory in the UK. The Group received a warm welcome from Director Jenni Sutton and commenced their visit with a presentation about Fashion Enter and the numerous design departments within Fashion Enter.

After the presentation, they were escorted down stairs where they were introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash, she then gave them an in depth presentation about Production within Fashion Enter. After the presentation, Caroline took the group of students on a tour around the Factory and the Fashion Studio. During the tour students were able to gain important insights about the different processes within a factory to produce garments ethically. Caroline explained and demonstrated the key stages of the garment life cycle including, quality control stations and the software used such as Vetigraph to create patterns for the garments.

After the tour, Students were lead through to the Fashion Studio where they were able get an insight of the multiple services provided to clients and view the small production team working within the studio. Overall, the students left with in-depth knowledge about the process of a garment life cycle within an ethical UK Factory, as well as the several stages of the sampling processes within the Fashion Studio. It was a delight to receive the group of students from Ravensbourne University to Fashion Enter. Here are some of the comments they made after their visit:


“Amazing, Super inspiring, Informative and Forward thinking” Boryana

“I got a great insight into how the whole factory works” Kristina

“Very well organised and spoken presentation” Liv