Phase Eight attend Grading Workshop

Phase Eight attended their first Grading CPPD workshop at the Fashion Technology Academy this week. 

The cohort of garment technologists from the leading high street retailer attended a grading workshop with pattern cutting expert Maggie Stott. 

The aim:

To achieve optimum fit, style and quality of manufacture in the most time effective process.
To provide evaluative insight into industrial patterns, fit and sealing process.
To improve the effective communication process between buying teams and garment technology having due regard for pattern cutting parameters. 

Following the workshop the feedback was fantastic:

'I have gained a good understanding on grading which I can take back to my work and improve my processes. It was excellent!' Phoebe, Assistant Garment Technologist 

'Lots of invaluable information about how grading actually works and how to utilise it.' Bethany, Garment Technologist 

'I now understand the challenges graders at our suppliers face. How to improve the fit of shoulders and armholes going forward. Thank you.' Claudette, Day Dresses, trousers and Occasion

Tutor Maggie also commented: 
'Great session yesterday at Fashion Capital / Fashion Enter with the team from Phase Eight. Perhaps we do not recognize what an important aspect of garment manufacturing the grading is. It's not a formula to be added in a static way, but requires an understanding of the style, the customer, yes, even the lay plan. Phase Eight showed a real empathy for their customer and the need to help make their clothes fit well. Garment fit has never been more demanding than now, where we have to be all things to everyone. Suppliers, look after your graders and nurture their skills they are a vital part of your team. If the garment doesn't fit it stays on the rail. Don't ignore your graders!'

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