Perry Ellis attends first CPPD Workshop

On 19th September Perry Ellis attended their first CPPD Factory Uncovered workshop with Fashion Enter.

The group of trainee garment technologists and production coordinators from the menswear designer and retail chain were provided with a unique insight into how a factory operates.

With the group being fairly new to the industry the insightful information proved invaluable as they were taught how a garment is costed, how to stop cabbage, the implications of the changes buyers make, how factories calculate standard minutes, why deliveries are late and much more!

Here are a few comments received following the workshop:

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar, issues that occur in production through processes. As well as garment life cycle and what it entails. I found the seminar very interesting and the information beneficial.’ Mary, Assistant Purchasing and Production coordinator

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar about usage and lay plans on small ordeals. I would like to thank Fashion Enter for a very interesting seminar. It would have been a good idea to bring along garments with us to work through issues.’ Sarah, Production and purchasing Manager

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar the workings and production of a UK factory. As well as difficulties factories can face. I appreciate the knowledge of the great speakers today, they were really informative and I took away a lot more than anticipated.’ Leila, Sourcing Assistant

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar how comments impact factories and the factory layout. I also learnt about the delay deliveries that can occur.’ Judith, Garment Tech

‘I have learnt from this seminar the insights and layout of the factory and see the highly equipped machinery. This seminar has taught me the duration and process of cost exercise.’ Charlotte, Junior Garment Technology

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar what type of issues and faults to look for in a factory and how to make comments easier for factories.’ Grace, Assistant Garment Tech