Perfect Fit and Pattern Cutting

On Thursday 16th November 2017, the Fashion Technology Academy welcomed a range of designers and business owners to meet with Anastasia Vouyouka founder and designer of Telestia, an online distance learning programme for fashion and clothing skills developed by SITAM-AB.  

Here at the FTA the Perfect Patterns courses incorporate Anastasia’s revolutionary Telestia methodology and it’s been a success so far, so much so we have recently partnered with Anastasia to introduce a 16 week Telestia online study ‘Online Pattern Cutting Course’.

The discussion began with Anastasia introducing herself, her career background and Telestia to the guests. Guests followed after introducing themselves, their brands and what they hope to gain from the discussion to improve their knowledge of fitting and pattern making. 

Anastasia started the discussion explaining the different factors a designer and the industry itself should revaluate. For instance fitting; customer satisfaction is the main priority when designing and making garments that have the correct fitting is essential. Anastasia states that ‘as a designer, it’s our job to create a garment that makes the customer feel better about themselves and enhances their shape. It is very important to design and create a garment that fits to the customer accordingly’.

One of the many mistakes Anastasia states that designers make and the fashion industry is using standard sizing tables to create designs and garments for individuals that are not cut properly or even fit properly ‘There are more and more Industry experts and University students that don’t know how to size as there is a significant focus on standard sizing in mass production in particular’.

Throughout the discussion, she explains how Telestia can aid designers how to create garments that create the perfect fit for the customer and how the tools can improve their design concepts as well as their collections.

Here are some comments below:

‘The discussion with Anastasia was very useful, I learnt how to make a garment to fit perfectly, sizing and patterns’ Veronika 

‘The discussion taught me about the importance of the basic block, grading and styling techniques’ Diana 

‘It was very technical, I’m looking forward to the next discussion with Anastasia’ Elisa 

For further information on the Level 1 or 2 Perfect Pattern Course please click here

For information on how to join the Telestia 'Online Pattern Cutting Course' please click here or email education@fashion-enter.com