M&S attend The Factory Uncovered Workshop

On 14th November M&S sent a group of Assistant Buyers to the Factory Uncovered workshop.

Before the workshop commenced we asked the participants what they hoped to learn from the course, and this is what was said:

‘The factory process and how this translates to my current role.’

‘An overview of the factory process from start to finish from design to patterns to sampling and production. I hope this will help me to be more equipped to communicate with suppliers.’

‘An insight into the complete process. Quality control and lead times. Different key players in the factory process.’

The aim of the four hour workshop is to provide an insight into how a UK, ethical factory operates and explain each stage of the production process.

In the workshop we explain:

How to identify old fabric even if it's in plastic bag
Fabric testing the factory way - relaxed fabric v laying straight off the roll
Choosing the correct components for the garment
Fabric consumption and the effects of cabbage. How to stop cabbage.
What to ask to mitigate cabbage
Importance of metal detectors

And much more!

Following the workshop feedback was fantastic:

‘Great insight into a factory environment. I am now aware of processes and how to make sure patterns are production friendly.’ Emily, BAA

‘Gives perspective when discussing lead times and costings. Highlights the issues to look out for when with dealing suppliers. Great insight into fast fashion manufacturing in the UK.’ Agita, Graduate Garment Technologist

‘Concise, clear and very interesting!’ Helena, Assistant Designer

‘I feel much more confident communicating with suppliers on fit comments and have a better knowledge on order of process in a factory. Great insight you can’t get in an office. I am super happy I came, really helped visualise everything’. Caitlin, AB