Marks & Spencer 'Factory Uncovered' CPPD Workshop

On Thursday 18th January 2018, Fashion Enter welcomed a group of buyers and merchandisers from Marks & Spencer to the 'Factory Uncovered' CPPD workshop.
The workshop is an ongoing process of both personal and professional growth for individuals within the Fashion Industry. The training delivered at the workshop improves the capability of an individual to realise their full potential, by enabling the individual to witness the complete garment life cycle within a live factory environment.
CEO Jenny Holloway began the workshop with an introduction to Fashion Enter and the multiple departments within the company. Soon after the introduction, the group were taken to the Factory by Production Director Caroline Ash. Throughout their time on the factory floor, the group observed the numerous processes set up to carry out the garment life cycle in the most ethical and sustainable way. Caroline explained each process of the garment life cycle and demonstrated production methods used within the SMETA and Fast Forward approved manufacturing Factory, including; fabric consumption, quality control and a detailed view of the Galaxius software.
Shortly after the Factory tour, the group were then taken to the Fabric Studio. The group were shown around the Fashion Studio and how the department creates first patterns, toiles and grades. Caroline talked through the short run productions within the Fashion Studio and collections produced.
Lastly, the group were briefed about garment technology and the importance of pattern cutting within production by Pattern Cutter Debbie Smith. Debbie discussed the significance of achieving the perfect fit, style and quality within production and how to overcome poor fitting.
Overall, the group from Marks and Spencer were fantastic! Here are a few comments made after the workshop:
“I have learnt from the training, how factories work and the importance of having a good relationship with suppliers.” Wendy
“It was a great day with great people! I gained great insight into how a factory works and how the perfect fit is achieved within production.” Molly
“I have learnt a lot about buying and the importance utilising fabric and costing. It was good to see all the processes of the garment life cycle and the regulations set up within the factory.” Rebecca