Marks and Spencer CPPD ‘Factory Uncovered’ workshop

On Thursday 15th February 2018, Fashion Enter welcomed a group of Mark’s and Spencer’s fashion buyers and merchandisers to the ‘Factory Uncovered’ workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to deliver a detailed observation of how an ethical manufacturing factory in the UK operates, as well as showcasing the processes of the garment life cycle. The workshop is a continual process of both personal and professional growth in the fashion industry.

CEO Jenny Holloway welcomed the group to Fashion Enter and began the workshop with an introduction to the company and a breakdown of the multiple sectors within the company. Soon after the introduction, Production Director Caroline Ash discussed in detail the processes within production and the procedures set up within Fashion Enter to ensure the continuation of the ethically run factory. Caroline took the group of buyers and merchandisers to the factory floor, here the group were able to observe the stages of the garment life cycle within the SMETA and Fast Forward approved manufacturing factory. Through the observation of the procedures set within production, the group were able to review; how fabric is inspected, quality control, fabric cutting and much more.

After the factory tour, the group were then shown around the Fashion Studio and view the various services the Fashion Studio provide to small run productions. During their time in the Fashion Studio, the group viewed how the Fashion Studio creates first patterns, toiles and grade.

Fashion Enter’s Pattern Cutter Debbie Smith, briefed the group about the importance of pattern cutting and the significance of creating the perfect fit and style to a manufacturing standard.

Overall, the group were able to gained invaluable insight into how an ethical and sustainable factory manufactures garments. Here are a few comments made after the workshop:

“I have learnt a lot in regards to creating the right fit and the how to grade, the workshop was great!” Matthew

“I have learnt how a factory works and the different processes involved to create a garment. It was a great workshop, really informative and Jenny and Caroline were fantastic!” Louise

“It was fantastic! I learnt how patterns work and how to communicate with pattern makers. As well as the challenges that factories face and how costing works” Bethany

We look forward to welcoming Marks and Spencer back to Fashion Enter for another ‘Factory Uncovered’ workshop