Limerick School of Art & Design Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On the 6th February 2020 the Fashion-Enter team welcomed two groups of fashion students from the Limerick School of Art & Design, Ireland.

Both groups took the ‘Factory Uncovered’ tour with Production Director Caroline Ash to gain first hand insight into a live, ethical, apparel factory. Caroline led the groups around the factory floor and clearly explained each part of the production process from initial design and sampling to garments finished, pressed and ready to be shipped and sold.

Limerick School of Art & Design tutor Siobhan Hanley commented after the tour: “Thank-you for receiving us; myself Siobhan Hanley and my students of the Limerick College of Art and Design/LIT on Thursday 6th of February 2020. I would like to compliment Caroline Ash for her excellent presentation. She covered everything. It was extremely educational and of huge benefit to the students. Hopefully we will make this an annual visit.

Further feedback from the students included:

“I noticed a sign saying “please be respectful of people praying” - I thought that was a lovely feature for a company to provide.” - Deana

“It was an extremely interesting visit to the factory. I really learnt a lot.” - Kate

“I learnt the basics of how a factory works and the theory behind why it operates that way. The factory was clean with a nice atmosphere.” - Poppy

“The seminar was very informative and insightful with a friendly atmosphere, good working conditions. I really enjoyed the tour.” - Kate

“Fantastic speaker, thank-you. I am really interested in Optitex!” - Karen

“I really enjoyed the visit. Interesting to see how to alter a ‘best seller’ into multiple garments, by changing the print, colour, etc.” - Roisin

“I got to see so many interesting machines and equipment and the talk was great. - Steven

Caroline added:
"The Limerick group were a lovely bunch of students. They really enjoyed the whole tour. As they were business students we were able to adapt the tour and demonstrate how the subjects we cover are transferable to any business type."