Life Coach Advises FTA Apprentices

Life Coach Debbie Quick returned to the FTA last week (17th January) to provide guidance and support to a small group of apprentices.

Debbie provides group and one-to-one coaching sessions so that individuals can creatively explore new possibilities in life by working together and as individuals. She works on building existing strengths, getting learners to consider a range of options and how to move towards those personal goals.

The sessions not only help in terms of career aspirations but also provide guidance to support positive mental health and life skills in general. Life can be busy and complex, and sometimes finding a space to take a step back and understand yourself and your situation better, in order to consider new options, is not always easy to find. This is where coaching sessions can help.

After explaining what a life coach does Debbie delivered two activities that got the learners thinking about their lives and what is important to them. The activities were enlightening and the apprentices clearly enjoyed being coached. Debbie is planning to return in April to give four of the apprentices in need of further coaching three one-hour sessions.

Garment Tec Apprentice Georgia Fletcher said:

"I enjoyed both activities very much as they got me questioning myself and what it is I want more of in my life. I will definitely use the coaching wheel of life as it is a useful tool to see where I am at the moment and how to balance my life better and get more of what I desire.”