Know your Customer – Masterclass Success!

On January 17th 2019 Della returned to the FTA after a fantastic introduction at her meet and greet event in December. 

A full house, the two-hour seminar delivered powerful insights into the first steps of setting up a brand.

Her knowledge and experience with up to date market experience is vital for any designer wanting to start their label.

Della asked questions to the audience to see where they were heading with their label.

She discussed:

Customer Profile and life style in depth research into who is she understanding her lifestyle wants and needs

Brand Tone of voice, vital in representing the brand vision

Brand manifesto brand and customer identity

What is your collection about?

Who makes your clothes?

Support your values

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing

The aim was to provide designers with an understanding and excellent starting point of where their brand image and focus should be

Della’s attendants left with these comments

‘An excellent seminar getting to the nitty gritty on the concept of branding and clear explanations and examples.’

‘I loved the talk, Della is amazing at really explaining all the different aspects of a brand.’

‘I learnt a great deal wish it could have been longer!’

‘Would love to attend the next event range planning in February.’

The next event on 28th February is ‘Planning Your Range’ where Della will focus on how to interpret forecasted trends, how to select the right colour palette and how to plan a viable and cohesive collection.

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