Instituto Marangoni Factory Visit

Fashion students from Instituto Marangoni’s London branch visited Fashion Enter and the Factory on Thursday 1st February 2018.

Instituto Maragoni is internationally renowned for it’s; art, fashion and design courses. The aim of the visit was to educate the group of students about the garment life cycle within an ethical SMETA and fast forward factory in the UK. The group were welcomed by Director Jenni Sutton and she began the visit with a presentation about Fashion Enter and the multiple departments within Fashion Enter.
Production Director Caroline Ash, gave an in depth presentation about Production within Fashion Enter. Shortly after the presentation, Caroline took the group of students on the tour around the Factory and the Fashion Studio. Whilst on the factory floor, students were able to gain significant insight into the different processes within the factory to create garments ethically. Caroline talked and demonstrated the key stages of the garment life cycle including; quality control stations and the software used such as Vetigraph to create patterns for garments.
After the tour of the Factory Floor, students were then taken through to the Fashion Studio. Whilst at the Fashion Studio, students were able to review the multiple services provided to clients and the small production runs within the studio.

Overall, the group left the visit with significant knowledge of the processes of the garment life cycle within an ethical UK Factory, as well as the several stages of the sampling processes within the Fashion Studio. It was a pleasure to receive the group of fashion students from Instituto Maragoni to Fashion Enter. Here are a few comments made after the visit:

“Excellent input on the various stages within manufacturing and how the factory is ethically run.” Archana
“There was a lot of extremely useful information that I never paid attention to before. I have learnt the whole process of producing garments, thank you for such a great opportunity to view the processes within your factory.” Ekaterina
“I have learnt a great deal from the visit today including; different market levels, buying and selling procedures as well as factory procedures. It was such a great opportunity and I’m thankful for the experience.” Purva