How to do your own PR Essential Workshop

On Thursday 23rd November 2017, FashionCapital hosted another brilliant 'Essential Workshop' -  How to do your own PR with founder and Director of the LFA and PR Dispatch Rosie Davies. Out of the range of workshops that were hosted this year at FashionCapital, this workshop was one of the most anticipated. Rosie Davies began the workshop giving a brief explanation of herself and the two successful companies she runs PR Dispatch and the LFA, guests followed by introducing themselves and their brands.

Rosie then briefed the group on the key topics to discuss such as; how to increase your chances of PR, contacting the press, finding the right influencers and much more.

Rosie explained that start-up businesses shouldn’t automically revert to the traditions of PR which includes Hiring a PR agency to get your product to the public, she states that ‘the traditions of PR are outdated, you can now run your own PR for your brand and maintain and control your own brand message’ .

There were quite a few factors Rosie introduced to the group to consider when managing their own PR, firstly types of placement. There are different types of methods a brands can use as press placement from interviews to product reviews, Rosie states ‘A regular feature is a great method to use to increase brand awareness especially if you have a good back story, of how the company came about. Either way researching and finding out the best tool to use for press placement is key for any brand of any size’

The second factor Rosie stated to the group to consider was insuring that you have a great product with great imagery and a great online presence.  She states: ‘When considering to do your own PR, most of your budget will be spent on imagery and creating clean, solid and professional imagery to use on websites, social media content or even imagery for product placement.’

She explained to the guests that ‘the importance to have clean and solid images is very important as it is the first and only impression you’ll get to make on editor, especially if you would like them to feature your product or brand in their magazine’

Throughout the workshop, Rosie touched on significant points guests should contemplate when creating their own PR and how to maintain and increase brand awareness and brand loyalty independently.  Overall, the workshop was fantastic and Rosie and the attendants were very engaging.

We look forward to the next Essential Workshop with Rosie in the New Year, here are some comments below:

‘This was a fantastic workshop and Rosie was amazing! She gave us load of information; on how to do great PR, what to plan, how to execute and what to expect across various platforms’ Cat

‘I have learnt the many ways to do my own PR and doing it the right way without wasting money’ Afsha

‘The workshop was very helpful and informative, I learnt how to improve my PR and marketing strategy’ Josephine 

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