How to Develop a Super Memory with Eric Gilston

On 19th July life coach and motivational speaker Eric Gilston returned to the Fashion Technology Academy to deliver a masterclass on how to develop a super memory!

The aim of the session, Eric stated was -

· You will discover how to learn. We have been told WHAT to learn but never HOW to learn.
· You will then learn how to remember facts. How about going shopping without a list? What about giving a talk without notes? Plus lots more.
· You will learn how to remember names. How many times do we hear people say “I’m terrible at remembering names”?
· You will learn how to remember numbers. How good are you at remembering all your pin numbers? How many phone numbers would you know if you lost your phone?

The session began with Eric discussing how to retain information you are taught

What methods can you use to help you remember? He went through a list then asked the group to discuss in more detail -

  1. State of mind – have a clear mind when learning the facts

  2. Take notes but on your own interpretation

  3. Make it personal i.e. use imagery if you are a visual learner

  4. Ask questions

  5. Understand what you are being told, do your research

  6. Discuss it, talk about it

  7. Teach others – pass on what you have learnt to someone else within 24 hours or learning the information

  8. Make use of the knowledge

As Eric uses a very interactive technique when teaching not only is the session enjoyable but he is practicing what he preaches. He makes the information memorable!

He then went on to explain The Body List – a method to help you learn facts fast. So for example a shopping list if you are not able to write it down, or a list of facts you need to remember quickly for a presentation or exam.

Use 10 locations on your body and put an action or exaggerated image in your mind associated with that body part! It has to memorable and unusual. Use the 5 vowels to ensure you get this right –

A – Action
E – Exaggerate!
I - Illogical
O – Outstanding
U – Unusual

Use one of these to help you remember and use your body to make it memorable. We tried this in the session and it really works!

Eric then tried another task. He started off by simply listing 10 random items and after he had listed all 10 asked everyone to write down what they could remember in order. The average number the group could remember was about 5 items. Eric then told a very elaborate story incorporating each item in order, we then wrote down the items we could remember, and most of the group got all 10! The message here is to use a technique called chain linking, incorporate what you need to remember into an elaborate story that builds up a picture in your head. Once you can visual the items in your head in a series of events you have so much more chance of remembering them!

Eric also went onto to discuss how to remember people’s names when you first meet them and remembering numbers.

The wonderful thing about Eric’s workshops is you are learning life skills, he teaches you practical exercises you can implement into your day to day life. Just a few comments following the session included: 

‘Really ambitious speakers and would love to attend more workshops with Eric!’ Silvie

‘I have learnt a lot in this seminar! Eric’s seminars are always fantastic as they make you so motivated’ Daljit

‘Very engaging and informative. I came away having learnt some very valuable lessons that I look forward to putting into practice’ Mike

‘I have learnt how to have and maintain a super memory! I would like to attend more workshops by Eric in the future’ Olanike

‘I will definitely take what I have learnt into practice’ Kevin

We are lucky to be able to offer these life enhancing workshops to our learners and designers with Eric. We highly recommend everyone attends on of these sessions, you will walk away clarity, motivation and life skills ready to put into action!