How to be more Confident with Eric Gilston

On 18th October Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Eric Gilston returned to deliver a further uplifting and inspirational talk - this time on 'How to be more confident'...
Learners from the current Stitching Academy, Pattern Cutting course and apprenticeship programme attended the workshop, which aimed to provide tools to build confidence - a true life skill! As Eric began talking he immediately gained the confidence of the audience through his warm and genuine approach. He began by asking the group to scale their level of confidence, this then led to discussing situations where they might lack confidence, in which Eric then worked with those individuals on how they could turn the situation around. He provided tips on how to grow confidence which were achievable, using quotes such as 'if it to be, it is up to me!'
One particular piece of advice was to write down the benefits of being successful to see if they outweighed the fear of success and failure. There was also a discussion on being positive and turning every negative thought into a positive and at the end of each day writing down all the good things that happened that day in a Positive Journal. 
To end the session Eric closed with his top tips including focus on the solution, not the problem, be grateful, be kind and generous, empower yourself with knowledge and stop procrastinating!
Georgia, one of the apprentices said she found it refreshing and recognised where she is now, where she wants to go in the future and that the reality is you can get there!
Further feedback included:
'I have learnt to be firm and assertive with positivity. Excellent points made to be an achiever!' Olaboye
'I have learnt from this workshop to just do it!!' Bisi
'I know now how to approach different situations in life.' Sharon
'How to be more confident using the 15 top tips - Brilliant.' Sandra
We look forward to the next workshop with Eric!