George at ASDA visit The Factory

On 29th November a group of Assistant Merchandisers from George at ASDA visited the Factory.

The aim of the visit was to understand and see first-hand how a UK factory could operate ethically and produce fast fashion for retailers such as ASOS.com.

The four hour workshop provided an in depth review of the UK garment manufacturing industry, SMETA and Fast forward audits, the garment life cycle from idea to delivery, different machine operations and how long it really takes to stitch a garment and what makes the factory fully compliant.

The group also had to opportunity to meet with senior pattern Julia who discussed the importance of fit, common faults in fittings, understanding your customer’s body shape and the consequences of pattern amends.

Overall a fantastic workshop which provided an invaluable insight, A few comments included:

‘Refreshed my knowledge after years out of the business. Very informative, very nice to see people who were very passionate about their business’ Maria, Merchandising Assistant

‘I have learnt about the product life cycle from conception to completion, health and safety of a factory, knowledge of the fashion industry. Very insightful and interesting, much enjoyed! Thank you, lots of new information.’ Rosanne, Assistant Merchandiser

‘I have learnt how a small scale factory can be a big player in fast fashion, the benefits of a UK factory and how important ethical fashion is! Really interesting and insightful course! Would recommend to all’ Rebecca, Assistant Merchandiser