George at Asda return to the Factory for CPPD Workshop

On 31st July George at ASDA returned to the Factory for a CPPD ‘Factory Uncovered’ workshop.

The group included Assistant Technologists, Merchandising Assistants and Buying Assistants and the aim was to demonstrate first-hand the garment life cycle and how an ethical factory operates in the UK.

Before the session began we asked the participants what they hoped to gain from the workshop -

‘I hope to gain a better understanding of the machinery and techniques used in production’

‘Gain an understanding of the processes in a working factory’

‘Experience first-hand a live factory environment’

Many of the participants had never been inside a garment manufacturer before, yet their day to day roles involved liaising with suppliers. Therefore the insight they gained from Production Director Caroline on the complete process from.. choosing the correct components for a garment, learning what an open costing is and how to verity supplier costings, the practical stitching operations that affect costing, the importance of ‘move-on’s’, sealing problems, why factories do not like small orders, why flow lines can be so competitive, and so much more was such invaluable information to their job roles. 

During the workshop the group were given a guided tour around the factory as each process was described and demonstrated in detail, they were given an observation task where they had to find 10 reasons that makes us compliant and they spent a practical session with a senior pattern cutter who explained the implications of the changes buyers make, the importance of knowing your customer and working examples of pattern amends and the effects of their consequences.

Following the workshop the feedback was received included:  

‘ I have learnt so much from this seminar, it has been a great help and given me an insight in the factory processes’ Samantha, Merchandising Assistant

‘I found the day really informative and interesting. It was great to see a UK factory and the team were full of knowledge and experience. Very inspiring! Thank you for the experience’ Emma, Buying Assistant

‘I have learnt how important ethics are in factories and the stages of how a garment is made. Great course, would recommend.’ Jess, Merchandising Assistant

We look forward to the next workshop with George at ASDA which takes place this week. 

If you would like to book a Factory Uncovered workshop for your employees email education@fashion-enter.com