George At Asda Complete Factory Uncovered Workshop

George At Asda Complete Factory Uncovered Workshop

Attending their first CPPD course assistant buyers and merchandisers from George at Asda spent half a day with our CEO Jenny Holloway and Head of Patterns Debbie to see first-hand the design and garment life cycle. 

Discussing areas including the design life cycle, what affects margin for retailers, how factories use standard minutes, choosing the correct components for a garment and fabric consumption the group were about to identify how their roles play a part in the production of garments.

On the factory floor, they were also able to explore and find out more about the industrial machines that are used in the production process, gaining an understanding of the technical implications of a factory and the many roles that are filled here at Fashion Enter, from seamstress to production manager, quality control manager to packer, ensuring they realised the importance of each role, Jenny informed the group of what each person does and how this can impact the life cycle of a garment.

Upon their visit the group commented;

“I learnt more about production, costing and patterns. I also enjoyed the course, the venue and I really appreciated that they were honest.” Anna, assistant buyer.

“Very useful information about the garments. the speaker was very clear and I understood everything, very good.” Rebern, assistant buyer

“I understood the consequences of trading decisions, the changes of a garment, I was aware of the flow of the factory, that everything needs to be in order before the production starts.” Natalie, assistant merchandiser

“I learnt about the production of garments. It was very informative and well presented.” Daniel, assistant merchandiser

“I learnt about the process and time sheets required to create different types of garments.” Matt

“It was a really helpful day which gave me a lot of insight on the production of garments.” Jess. assistant merchandiser 

“I thought it was really beneficial seeing the production of garments from a merchandiser point of view. It gave me a lot of information for my future reference with suppliers.” Laura, assistant merchandiser

“I have learnt a lot more than I thought I would have, I now know about how complex the operation is for the factory and how pressured they are, communication and transparency seems really important. I am really thankful for such an informative day it was really brilliant to see a live sample made from start to finish on the day.” Siobhan, assistant merchandiser

“I learnt more about production and construction knowledge, I also learnt about more time and context in the garment tech part of job.” Sammy, assistant buyer

“I learnt a lot on the partnership between suppliers and customers.” Yo Ranland, assistant merchandiser