First Year Students from the Fashion Retail Academy Tour the Factory

This week, 1st October 2018, the Factory situated alongside the FTA, has welcomed 7 cohorts of first year students from the Fashion Retail Academy which offers courses across a range of head office roles including Buying, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, Design, Digital, Merchandising and Retail Management.

The groups were given an insightful tour of the Factory and FTA as well as information on every step of the garment production process and how an ethical and compliant factory operates. The tour enabled the students to understand first-hand what it really takes to create a garment and the importance of working with ethical manufacturers. 


“I have learnt all about the different stages a garment goes through before it reaches the consumer.” – Georgia

“I have learnt how a garment is manufactured ethically and how a factory makes and supplies to retailers. Great talk and tour, I now have a very clear understanding.” – Ella