First year Buying and Merchandising Students from The Fashion Retail Academy site visit

On February 22nd a group of first year Buying and Merchandising Students from The Fashion Retail Academy came for a site visit

Upon arrival students were taken upstairs to the glass room where they would commence the first stage of their tour, an introduction and overview of the factory’s departments with Director Jenni Sutton.

Shortly after the introduction, they were taken onto the factory floor with Production Director Caroline Ash – Caroline carefully explained all the health and safety rules that take place within the factory, and taught the students the essential rules for staying safe at the factory. The tour then continued with a look into the processes involved with the smooth running of an ethical UK factory.

The objective of the tour was for the students to learn and get a real insight into what goes into to the garment making process. Some of the elements students got to see included, different ways of pattern cutting, machine sewing, over locking, pressing, quality control and many more.

Caroline explained to the students that there are 11 different nationalities working within the factory and went on to explain the importance of being open and transparent to cater for different types of people from different cultures, and how this helps the factory floor run effectively and efficiently.

The Buying and Merchandising students from The Fashion Retail Academy found the tour to be very interesting and beneficial.

Here are a few comments

“Really enjoyed the experience – Learnt a lot” Amy

“Very informative, lovely people all around the factory” Gregory

“I learnt how much work goes into one garment” Eryn

“Very useful” Maizie