Fashion Retail Academy Returns to Fashion Enter

Fashion Enter welcomed a group of Fashion Merchandising students from the Fashion Retail Academy to a tour of the Factory on Wednesday 24th January 2018. The group were particularly interested to learn about the critical path of the supply chain and garment production.

The aim of the tour was to educate the group of students about the garment life cycle within an ethical SMETA and fast forward factory in the UK. The group of students were welcome by Director Jenni Sutton and she began the tour with an introduction to Fashion Enter and a breakdown of the various departments within the company. Following the introduction, Production Director Caroline Ash took the group of students to the Factory. Whilst on the factory floor, students were given great insight into the different processes set up create garments in an ethical and sustainable way. The processes explained to the group included a review of; the quality control stations, effects on fitting sessions and production efficiencies. Shortly after the factory tour, the group were shown round the Fashion Studio and the services provided to a wide range of clients. The group were able to review the several practises of sampling within the Fashion Studio including; creating first patterns, toiling, seals and grades.
Overall, the visit was a success! This was the third group of students Fashion Enter had welcomed to the Factory from the Fashion Retail Academy this month. It has been a pleasure to have all three groups of students from the Fashion Retail Academy visit Fashion Enter. Here are a few comments made after the visit:
“I found the visit very interesting, it is not what I was expecting from a factory! I am impressed by how ethical and efficient the factory is, I have also learnt a lot about the various stages within production.” Florence
“I have learnt a lot about the different stages in the production process and how vital every element is, especially the documentation and galaxius. The tour was very detailed and informative, it was a useful experience.” Emily
“I didn’t know much about factories and suppliers in the UK, I have learnt so much from this visit thank you.” Courtney