Fashion Retail Academy factory visit

On March 13th 2018, The Fashion Technology Academy hosted a factory tour for students visiting from the Fashion Retail Academy. The students were introduced to Director Jenni Sutton who began the visit with an introduction to Fashion Enter and a presentation about the different sections that Fashion Enter has to offer.

After the Presentation, the tour was handed over to Production Director Caroline Ash, who showed the students onto the factory floor where she explained costing’s to the students and carefully went through what every machines function is and the important health and safety precautions to take whist on the factory floor. During the tour students received a demonstration of every crucial part of the garment production process and were shown the garments at their first stages, as pieces of fabric waiting to be cut to when they are made into dresses then being checked for any faults, right up to when the finished garments are boxed and shipped off.


Here are a few comments from the students

“Really interesting, found out a lot of important information that I can apply to my own work” Grace

“Very organised factory with good work ethics and making sure employees are given good treatment. It has been a very helpful experience for me as I want to be buyer and now I have a better understanding of what goes into the job role” Amber

“Very good to be able to come and visit and it’s good experience. Nice to see a factory that has an excellent work ethic as you mostly see bad things about factories in the media” Ava