Fashion Retail Academy Factory Site Visit

On Friday 12th January 2018  Fashion Enter welcomed a cohort of Garment Technology students from the Fashion Retail Academy for a Factory tour and a pattern cutting session. 

On arrival the group split into two with one group commencing with the tour whilst the others took part in a practical pattern cutting session with senior pattern cutter Debbie. 
The tour led by Production Director Caroline Ash took the students through the complete garment life cycle where they were able to see first hand how a garment is really made. Caroline explained how the Factory is SMETA and Fast Forward approved and asked the students to conduct an observation task where they had to look out for reasons as to what makes the factory compliant and ethical. This enabled the students to gain an understanding as to how factories operate and what they should be looking out for when working with manufacturers in their future careers as garment techs. 
The group with Debbie were given a practical session of the fundamental skills needed to create a sample pattern by Debbie. Debbie demonstrated the different factors to consider when creating sample patterns, this included measurements of the human figure and the consideration of the fabrics used to create the sample. Students gained valuable information about production pattern making and the significance it has within the manufacturing process of the garment life cycle.
Overall both groups of students gained a real insight into the UK Fashion Industry and the production process of manufacturing ethically. The Fashion Retail Academy students were fantastic! We look forward to welcoming the Fashion Retail Academy back to Fashion Enter in the near future, here are few comments from the students:
'It has been really valuable to see how a compliant Factory in the UK operates, it was great to learn about the importance of Production Pattern Cutters'. Georgina
'It was a very interesting day, we gained a real expansion of knowledge of the Fashion industry. I have gained a more in depth understanding of the processes carried out to allow production to run smoothly.' Sophie
'I really enjoyed the workshop and tour and I love the whole concept of the company and how they support young designers, I will definitely consider keeping this company in mind when I complete University.' Georgia
'The tour gave a real insight into how production works, I have also gained more knowledge of the fitting of garments from the pattern cutting workshop' Mei-Ann