Fashion Retail Academy comes for a factory tour

On Monday 19th March. Fashion Enter hosted a factory tour for a group of students from the Fashion Retail Academy. Upon arrival students were taken upstairs to the glass room where they were introduced to CEO Jenny Holloway who gave the students an introduction presentation into Fashion Enter and talked them through each section of the factory. Shortly after the presentation, students were introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash, Caroline took over the visit and lead students down stairs to commence their full factory tour. Caroline stopped at each machine to talk the students through every step of the garment production process.

Caroline then took the students upstairs to the Fashion Studio, here the students got to watch as the machinist carefully worked on sample pieces, they also got taught about costing, explained what a tech pack is and how patterns are formed, what grading is, how the toile is created then what the final sample looks like.


Overall the tour was a success and the students from the Fashion Retail Academy really enjoyed their visit


Here are a few comments from the students

“I’ve learnt many things during this seminar and it has been a great opportunity to take part in, I’ve learnt that garments can be made really quickly for a low price” Alyssa

“I’ve learnt how the factory is compliant and how products are manufactured” Chelsey

“Good information for project work” Tasin