Fashion Design students from Istituto Marangoni visit The Factory

On 12th February a cohort of MA and BA Fashion Design students from the Istituto Marangoni visited Fashion Enter for a factory site visit.

The purpose of the factory visits for students is to demonstrate the garment production process and explain exactly how an ethical factory operates in the UK. This industry insight helps immensely with their studies.

The visit began with an overview of Fashion Enter explained by Development Director Jenni Sutton.

This was then followed by an in depth review of how a garment is manufactured by Production Director Caroline. Caroline took the students on a tour explaining everything from how fabric is delivered, different machine operations, how machinists receive performance related pay, how a garment is costed and the critical path. The tour then continued to the Fashion Studio where the sampling process was demonstrated, the students were able to see how an initial idea was translated into a tech pack, pattern, toile and then final sample.

Following the tour Course leader Kristen commented Really good – should be compulsory for all fashion students!’

The students learnt:

How a garment factory is organised, and what it means to be ethical’ Tamar

Compliance, work ethics, health and safety – wearing a metal glove for example’ Kashish

We look forward to the next visit by Istituto Marangoni