Fashion Buying and Merchandising students from Regent's University  CCPD and Factory tour

 On Wednesday 21th February 2018, Fashion Enter warmly welcomed a group of Fashion Buying and Merchandising students from Regent's University for their CCPD and Factory tour. The students are currently studying for their PG Diploma in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.
 The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate and educate the students about what goes on within an ethical SMETA and fast forward factory in the UK, and provide them with essential knowledge about the life cycle of the garments produced within the factory. The group of students were very enthusiastic and excited to learn about the love and care that go into making the garments. 
Upon arrival, the students were lead upstairs for a presentation about Fashion Enter and the numerous areas within the company. Shortly after the presentation, the students were kindly greeted by Production Director Caroline Ash and taken on to the Factory Floor, where they received important information about the Health and Safety policy within the Factory. 
Caroline then took the students on a tour, stopping at each section of the factory floor to demonstrate to the students, the numerous stages of garment production and the important steps taken to ensure that the garments are produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
Some of the stages of production presented to the group of students included a review of; open costings, effects on fitting sessions and the broken needle policy along with many other elements.
After the tour, the students were taken to the Fashion Studio were they got to browse and take in important details. In the Fashion Studio students obtained valuable insights into the numerous services provided by the Fashion Studio to small run productions such as; the creation of patterns, toiling, and grading.
The tour with the Fashion Buying and Merchandising students from Regent's University  was delightful and we enjoyed receiving them for a visit at Fashion Enter. 

Here are a few comments made after the visit:
"Everything was very well explained."
"This was a great tour and gave me a great deal  of insight, it has triggered a much bigger interest into this side of the industry."
"I have learnt the broken needle policy and the different processes of production."