Factory Uncovered Educational Visit - University of Westminster

The Fashion-Enter/FTA team welcomed two groups of students from the University of Westminster on Monday 7th October 2019. Each group was made up of 20 Fashion Buying BA students all eager to learn first-hand from the factory floor.

The educational 2-hour visit began in the Glassroom where Production Director Caroline Ash gave a detailed talk on the garment lifecycle and costings to critical path management and the importance of the working relationship between manufacturers and buyers. Caroline explained the pattern design and cutting processes and the production processes as the students toured the factory.

Feedback included:

“This visit was really helpful. I have learnt about the whole process of making a garment, health and safety rules and about margins and costs.” - Alberto

“I have learnt about the garment manufacturing process, the industry and the factory. It was very relevant for my course - fashion buying.” - Francesca

“I’ve learnt a lot. It has given us a better insight into what to look for in a factory.” - Crystal