Educational Factory Visit from Business Students at York St. John University

On Tuesday 8th October 2019 a group of Business students from York St. John University came to the Factory for a 2-hour educational tour and seminar.

As a part of their studies the group came to learn about the business of the production process from design idea to product shipment. Fashion-Enter’s Production Director Caroline Ash introduced the group to each of the physical operations and the necessary craftsmanship, quality and management skills required. She also talked about costings and provided examples of what costs need to be considered to ensure that the factory can work as a viable business. The students were also informed of the acute timelines and how the factory organises its project management to get products on the shop floor and optimise productivity.

Many of the students have a keen interest in a buying career so knowledge and understanding in lead times, how and who to communicate with on a factory floor and what is expected from them within this setting plays a vital role in their learning development.

After the seminar the students filled in feedback forms and 5 out of 6 received 100% positive feedback. Here are a few of the feedback comments:

“The seminar was really informative! And the team were really welcoming, open and friendly.” - Charlotte

“It was a wonderful experience, this is the first time I have visited this type of factory and it was amazing. The staff were knowledgeable and experienced.” - Jinal

“The seminar included useful details about the market. I was happy and glad to meet the team that had so much experience. For 2 hours I saw many new things and I hope to be able to attend further training with Fashion-Enter again.” - Vladiana

“The visit was fantastic thanks to your efficiency in ensuring everything requested was included and that it all ran smoothly. Caroline was so very thorough and explained everything very well. The Yorks St John University students gained a great deal and really enjoyed it. Please do pass on my thanks to Caroline and patient machinists and other personnel whilst we walked round and stared in admiration! I will definitely recommend.” - Jane