Digital Era for Fashion with Socialrise

On 2nd May Socialrise delivered a thought provoking Masterclass with FashionCapital on the Digital Era for Fashion. Aimed at emerging brands, new businesses and fashion students the aim of the session was to teach latest technologies and techniques to help brands stand out in the ever competitive field of digital marketing. 

Camilla and Paolo from Socialrise spoke passionately about their vision and how they assisted brands with their content, stating that ‘your website is the global window to your brand’. Their aim; to help brands create visionary projects that push the boundaries.

In this insightful masterclass they explained the shift in advertising and where budgets should be spent wisely. It is now much more about social media and the power of Instagram should not be underestimated! ‘It is now the number 1 reference for fashion brands, overtaking Vogue and Facebook in terms of delivery on discovery, awareness and consideration.’ There are 700 million users on Instagram, the user can shop directly and a brand can create its own identity. It is essentially changing the face of the fashion industry so a strong presence is absolutely crucial and is fast becoming the most effective method in building awareness and driving on line sales.

A brand cannot survive without a meaningful website! It is about multiple touch points for the consumer, however most brands do not have the budget for a store and therefore the website serves as the ultimate window to the world. Paolo explained that 'a website does not need to be expensive or intimidating There are multiple platforms to consider nowadays for e-commerce including Shopify and Squarespace that offer templates so you don't have to code, but content management systems in 2018 do need to be interactive and dynamic.'

They then went on to explain the importance of content creation and how brands should represent culture via their content. Content gives value to a website by giving users a reason to go to it in the first place. Content is king!

'The focus has shifted in terms of communication in 2018 to content creation. You need to put as much effort into the content you put out there as you put into your product. This is what brings your brand to life, engages with your target audience and invites them into your world'.

Thank you to Camilla and Paolo from Socialrise for this incredibly insightful Masterclass!