Closet London Attend ‘Fit Uncovered’ CPPD

On 10th October the production team from Closet London attended the ‘Fit Uncovered’ CPPD workshop with pattern cutting expert Maggie Stott.
The aim of the workshop:
  1. To achieve optimum fit, style and quality of manufacture in the most time effective process
  2. To provide evaluative insight into industrial patterns, fit and sealing process
  3. To improve the effective communication process between buying teams and garment technology having due regard for pattern cutting parameters
The session gave the design and production team an opportunity to discuss and solve their own fit issues with any garments that have a high return rate. They evaluated the reasons for poor fit and then Maggie discussed the rules to apply to resolve the fit issue.
Overall a fantastic workshop with lots of positive feedback:
‘We came with our own fit issues and we have learnt how to solve them and so much more! It was nice that we are able to focus on our issues, so that we got the most out of our time. Fantastic.' Gemma, pattern cutter
‘I learnt lots! Would highly recommend!’ Wendy, Creative Director
‘I have now have more knowledge on fit sessions, adding onto the dust in the correct places, armhole issues, altering the block and much more! Thank you for a very informative session.’ Katy, pattern cutter
‘I have learnt how to solve the problems we have been having with our patterns. Specifically armholes and sleeves and tight busts. Brilliant morning, hoping to come back again!’ Georgie, pattern cutter
‘Amazing class. Very interesting and interactive. Maggie was very knowledgeable!’ Leona, CAD pattern cutter and grader.

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