Buyers Admin Assistants from Arcadia CPPD visit

On Thursday 22nd February 2018, Fashion Enter welcomed a group of Buyers Admin Assistants from Arcadia for their CPPD visit.

CEO Jenny Holloway began the visit with an introduction presentation to Fashion Enter and multiple sections with the company. After the insightful presentation, students were introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash, and taken down stairs for a factory tour. The group of students got to observe the multiple stages of the garment life cycle and were shown all the different production methods used within the SMETA and Fast Forward approved manufacturing Factory, this included pressing, pattern cutting, quality control and many others factors.

The students were then taken to the Fabric Studio, where they were shown patterns being cut and toiles being created. Caroline explained the short run productions that were being created and the collection that were being produced.

Overall, the group of Buyers Admin Assistants from Arcadia were a pleasure to teach!

Here are a few comments made after the visit

“Really useful! This is the best training I have been on yet at Arcadia.” Megan

“Really interesting and helpful. Held my attention the whole time. Came away with a lot of new information. Will affect the way I think about factories.” Alice

“I found the outside seminar information to be very informative. I would highly recommend this seminar again to fellow BAA/ABS” Samantha

“I thought the talks in the glass room were great and really motivating! I felt very open to ask any questions. Overall – a great experience.” 

“I have learnt so much about the production process, it has been very informative and helpful.”