Arcadia Group BAA's attend 'The Factory Uncovered' Workshop

On 18th July a group pf Buying Admin Assistants from the Arcadia Group visited the factory for the Factory Uncovered CPPD workshop.

We host regular workshops for the Arcadia group as the session provides a unique insight into how a factory really operates, which proves invaluable information for their day to day job roles as buyers. If a buyer understands the processes and how long it takes to manufacture a garment they can use this knowledge when communicating with suppliers to their advantage. We also teach what a fully compliant and ethical factory looks like so when visiting manufacturers they know what questions to ask and what to look out for.

As well as the tour of the factory reviewing the policies and procedures in place the group also spent time with a senior pattern cutter who spoke about the implications of unclear fit comments in fit sessions and how this can impact an order for the factory.  

Overall another successful workshop, a few feedback comments included:

Very informative, easy to understand and beneficial to the role, would recommend to others.’ George, Topman BAA

‘Really impressed with the session, very informative and beneficial for all BAA’s / BA to conduct.’ Georgina, Topman BAA

‘I have gained an in depth knowledge of the factory process and lessons for the future in my buying career.’ Todd, Topman BAA