Arcadia CPPD

On Wednesday 21st March, a group of Arcadia Senior Buyers Admin Assistants and Buyers Admin Assistants came to FTA for a CPPD.
Upon arrival the group of attendees were lead into the glass room where they received a warm welcome from CEO Jenny Holloway, Jenny commenced the visit with an introduction presentation into Fashion Enter. Shortly after the presentation, the group were introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash who continued the visit with a factory tour. On the factory floor, the group were able to observe the many stages of the garment production process within the SMETA and Fast Forward approved manufacturing factory. Caroline explained and demonstrated to the group how fabric is inspected, quality control and fabric cutting techniques. The group got the opportunity to watch the machinists in action and really see what an ethical sustainable factory looks like.

Caroline continued the tour by showing the group upstairs to the Fashion Studio; here the group got to see the many machinists and pattern cutters at work, creating samples, patterns, toiles and grades.

Overall the group of Arcadia Senior Buyers Admin Assistants and Buyers Admin Assistants learnt valuable knowledge about how an ethical and sustainable factory manufactures garments and operates.

Here are some comments from the group:

“I learnt how a factory runs, how workers can be treated correctly and fairly and pattern cutting rules” Isabella

“Great to see a working factory! Thanks” Max

“I learnt how many different things go on in the factory and what all the rules are” Rachel