Arcadia BAA's visit the Factory for CPPD workshop

On 22nd August a cohort of Buying Admin Assistants from the Arcadia group visited the Factory for the CPPD Factory Uncovered workshop.

Many of the participants had never been inside a garment manufacturer before, yet their day to day roles involve liaising with suppliers. The insight they gained from both CEO Jenny Holloway and Production Director Caroline on the complete process from choosing the correct components for a garment, learning what an open costing is and how to verity supplier costings, the practical stitching operations that affect costing, the importance of ‘move-on’s’, sealing problems, why factories do not like small orders, why flow lines can be so competitive, and so much more was such invaluable information to their job roles.

They also spent time with our pattern cutting tutor Julia who t aught them the implications of their fit comments and how this can affect the factory’s flow.

When asked what have you learnt, Jazzino, a Buying Admin Assistant at Topman commented:

‘Pretty much everything! It was very personable and informative. I really enjoyed it. It was great to see a factory in action and learn how certain areas cause the cost to increase or decrease. Great course!’

Josh, also BAA at Topman said ‘I have learnt the workings of a good, ethical British factory and how a factory is run properly!’

And Laura, BAA at Dorthy Perkins commented:

‘How my role affects the making of a garment and the impact my decisions can have.’

Tomorrow we are looking forward to running the same workshop with BAA’s from Marks & Spencer. It really shows CPPD at the Factory works!