Arcadia attend 'The Factory Uncovered' workshop

On 24th October we welcomed a group of Buyers Admin Assistants from the Arcadia group for a further CPPD Factory Uncovered workshop.

The purpose of each workshop is to provide retailers with a unique insight into how a garment is ethically manufactured in the UK. They are taken through the complete garment life cycle so they fully understand the processes and how long each process takes.

Topics include:

How do factories calculate standard minutes? 
How to incorporate performance related pay for machinists
Relating standard minutes to styles and machines
How are AQLs and in work checks really conducted in a Factory Environment?

As well as time spent with a pattern cutter to understand the implications of the change buyers make and common faults in fittings

Overall another successful workshop, a few comments included:

‘I have learnt a lot about the general running of The Factory, open costings, fit sessions and health & safety. Very informative Thank you!’ Kelly, Miss Selfridge, BAA

‘I have learnt lots about factories and fits that can be applied in my every day role. Really good training’ Sue, Dorothy Perkins, BAA

‘A lot about how garments are being produced, the amount if attention, time and skill that goes into it, Very enthusiastic and helpful speakers – honest about their work, industry in general and ethics’ Liana, Dorothy Perkins, Wholesale Admin Assistant

‘I found it really put into context a lot of the things I learnt in university and do in the office and has cleared up anything I have misunderstood. Every session was really interesting and engaging, thank you’ Charlotte, Dorothy Perkins, BAA

‘I has been amazing and both speakers were lovely, Jenny’s honesty was amazing, thank you!’ Gai, Evans, BAA