A Packed PR Masterclass

Yesterday, 6th September 2018, the Glassroom at the FTA was packed with students, start-ups and industry professionals wanting to get to grips with marketing and PR. Rosie Davis, Founder of PR Dispatch & LFA, The Lifestyle and Fashion Agency, hosted the exclusive masterclass ‘How To Do Your Own PR’ for a 2-hour duration giving essential insight and tips.

She discussed:

  • How to begin and build on your in-house pr.
  • How to gain exposure with the press and influencers that is right for your brand.
  • How to incorporate social media, remain true to your brand and make the most of images.
  • How to manage and maintain your PR activity so that it fits into your busy schedule while being effective.

Feedback from the Masterclass included:


“I have learnt so much on how to run a brand and gain more coverage. Great speaker, really informative!” - Vanessa


“Engaging, to the point, no nonsense! Thank you!” - Uma


“Excellent. I have been given great advice to move forward and lots of encouragement. Thank you!” - Ade


“I have learnt that imagery and Instagram are so important in this business. Very well thought out and well delivered. Very informative, 10 of out 10!” - Cynthia


“I now have a lot of information on how to utilise social media, and the importance of imagery. Excellent workshop!” Ze


The next Masterclass will be How To Start Your Own Brand with Caren Downie.