10 Out of 10 from London College of Fashion Students

On Wednesday 11th March 2020, the Fashion-Enter team welcomed twelve London College of Fashion (LCF) students currently studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising. The Factory Uncovered seminar and tour led by Production Director Caroline Ash provided the perfect opportunity for the students to learn about production, and all that goes with it, first hand.

Caroline adapted the tour in line with the students course and modules, so there was plenty of explanation about how a garment is costed, fit and quality control, negotiation and ethical practices. For many of the students it was a first time experience of seeing a live factory environment and all the production steps from start to finish.

The group were very engaged, asked lots of questions and gave excellent feedback, 10 out of 10 from the entire group in all categories! Here are a few of the feedback comments:  

“This has been an incredible tour, learnt so much about making and the value of a garment, the dark side of the industry and what makes a factory ethical - such as this one. Thank-you.”

“It was a very useful session about the industry and how it works.”

“An amazing session, really enjoyed it.”

“I would recommend this tour to all fashion students as I think it is all something we should learn.”

“I found out about pricing, quality control, trading negotiation, so much useful information for my course.”