Hackney Summer Careers Event

The day after GCSE Results Day (23rd August 2019) Fashion Enter / FTA joined forces with several other higher education departments and local businesses to provide advice and guidance at the Summer Careers Festival. Held at the Assembly Halls at Hackney Town Hall Fashion Enter Ltd’s Development Officer, Stephanie was on hand to advise and discuss all the routes to a career in fashion. 

Stephanie said: “It was such a fantastic day, I loved meeting everyone and I am very excited about hopefully being able to work with some of you in the future. Great day well spent!”

The FTA’s / Fashion Enter’s intention was to inspire individuals to consider the fashion industry as their chosen career path and to showcase the vast range of opportunities that the company has to offer, from apprenticeships to bespoke courses. Additionally offering guidance and advice on how to break into this industry and the various roles available. The FTA are so passionate about making sure that the next generation are just as excited as we are about the manufacturing industry and all it has to offer.