Apprenticeship Review at Next 18th May 23 

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has been undertaking apprenticeships for technical skills since 2010 – we were the first in the country to subcontract to Conel when Skill Fast was part of the government network for skills and apprenticeships. We have certainly come a long way since those days!

FEL is currently working with Next, Mountain Warehouse, Lyle & Scott, JD Sports and a host of micro businesses delivering a range of apprenticeships that are based on technical skills within garment manufacturing. In particular, the Level 4 Product Technologist apprenticeship is extremely popular.

As part of due diligence with the FEL’s Fashion Technology Academy visits are required to employers to ensure that H&S rules are embedded and comply to the required standards to safeguard apprenticeships and also to review how the apprentice is performing within the working environment.

On 18th May FEL went to visit two of the leaners that are on the Level 4 Product Technologist program

An all day visit took place at Next in Leicester and it was a joy to see how learning is being firmly embedded into the working environment.

In particular the skills section of the program was reviewed and this involved the S10, S11 and S12 criteria. Product evidence was provided, updates were also discussed with both the Head of Technology and the two apprentices managers too.  Excellent feedback was provided and received.

Ingrid, Head of FTA, commented: “I know how important the skills are with apprenticeships. As specialists in garment manufacturing, we have an advantageous position to deliver a high-quality apprenticeships in ever evolving industry. 

“Jodie’s and Marcus’s work standard is exceptional. As a progressive Apprenticeship Provider, we need to ensure that we challenge our apprentice’s way of thinking, we push the boundaries and coach them to ensure that the innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills become their second nature and part of their working life. This will make them to stand out in their workplace and take them to the next level in their career.  

“I am impressed with their current progress on their Apprenticeship Level 4 in Fashion and Textile Product Technologist standards and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them both.”

Jenny Holloway, FEL CEO, further commented: “I have a special place for apprenticeships as we started the entire program 13-years ago. I look at this photo of the two learners and think this is exactly what learning is about; fun but stretching and challenging the apprentices to be the best they can be. These two apprentices are absolutely flying and rightly so!”