6072 Learning Interventions as at 3.11.23

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is proud to announce that the initial target of 600 interventions for Haringey Council has been well and truly surpassed – FEL has over achieved by 1000%! Not often you can proclaim such a figure.
Initially FEL was to open the Tailoring Academy in April 2019. There were considerable delays with Haringey Council and the landlords and then additional complications with funding from the GLA and works undertaken by Jan Kattein who had subcontracted work to Diamond Builders.

However, on 19th November 2019 the Tailoring Academy was launched, tap the links to read more about the launch of the Tailoring Academy:

Tailoring Academy Launch Triumph

The Launch of the Tailoring Academy

Brand New Tailoring Academy Puts Tottenham On The Fashion Map

Your Tailoring Academy has Arrived

London’s State-Of-The-Art Tailoring Academy Is Here! 

A moderation took place by SEG on between May and June and this is attached; this was an excellent report and as stated by Moderator Jan Wise:

Fashion-Enter is a not-for-profit, social enterprise that promotes learning and development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry.

The Internal Moderation Policy is robust.

Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion-Enter, has the overall responsibility to ensure that the IM policy is being followed and that the appropriate evidence is being correctly completed and submitted.

The role of the Internal Quality Assurance/ Moderation Officer is to ensure that the teaching and assessment of learners is of a consistent high quality. The policy ensures that the Internal Moderator oversees the continual improvement and the quality of the learning experience and the validity of the achieved qualification. Procedures for managing Internal Assessment are part of the teaching and learning policy. Learners are given guidance about assessment at the start of each course. 

FEL would like to sincerely thank Haringey Council and the GLA for their support on the Tailoring Academy.