The FTA also runs bespoke courses which are tailor made to requirements.


Bespoke training courses are a flexible approach to tailor made training requirements to suit your company's specific objectives. An agenda can be created with your input depending on whether it is your garment technologists, buyers or merchandisers requiring training within a live factory environment.

The courses can be either 2, 3 or 4 hours long and prices are dependent on the amount of personnel involved in the workshops. We recommend that you review the Accredited CPPD training workshops and then call us for an initial consultation and then we recommend that you come and visit us, review our working environment, read our feedback forms and then create your own unique workshop.


Bespoke Training Example 1

Review of the garment fitting processes.  The FTA will deliberately make incorrect fitting garments. The garments are then reviewed, fitted and notes recorded by the learners. The learners will make recommendations to amend the patterns and communicate these to the pattern cutters. Based on the learners requested amendments the learner will watch the FTA's industrial pattern cutters make the amendments to the existing incorrect pattern.  The fabric will be cut and the learner will then watch the garment construction by highly qualified sample machinists. A review of the resulting garment will then take place. If there are still issues of fit then the Head of Patterns will show exactly how to fit the garment correct, amend patterns and reconstruct the garments. This is industrial learning - how to make patterns correctly and is also a myth buster for fitting comments that state "slash open the pattern at ..."


George Filkins

“When I was at Langley Park School for Boys my best subject was DT. I loved getting my hands dirty and making things and it was my best subject at school. When I left school I didn't know what to do but my friend Zac told me about his mom who runs apprenticeships. I came to the Factory and I really liked how busy it was and then I met Kyri from K Sewing. Kyri said I could train to be a machine mechanic and it's such a sick job. Every day is different and I meet loads of people. Uni wasn't for me but this apprenticeships is right. One of my highlights so far was winning an award for commitment and dedication and I got to meet Alex Pritchard player for Tottenham Hotspur.”

Bespoke Training Example 2

Review of garment construction and costings. The FTA is in a unique position to learn in a highly specialised live factory environment that is SMETA approved and Fast Forward audited. The learner will be privy to time and motion studies that have costed out standard minutes for specific operations on the overlock, lock stick and cover stitch sewing machine. The buying and merchandising functions can not be effective in their roles if they do not understand how a garment is constructed, timed and costed. The learner will review how Galaxius works in industry and how quality is maintained and assured.


Chloe – BAA Marks & Spencer

“Really insightful into the manufacturing of a product; learnt each stage in making a garment, how long the process is to make each item and the cost involved. Brilliant course for M&S employees - really recommend.”