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Staff CPPD: Understanding Radicalisation With Dr Amy McKee

7 December 2018

Five of Fashion Enter’s core staff attended a CPPD – ‘Understanding Radicalisation with Dr Amy McKee’ to discuss and embed PREVENT into Fashion Enter’s training curriculum.

Held at The Crystal on Royal Victoria Dock, the five-hour session covered the psychology behind terrorism and presented a selection of case studies along with advice on being vigilant as teachers.

Jo Price, Senior Lecturer said: “The session on how people are radicalised was very insightful. We were introduced to the psychology behind terrorism and what makes terrorists do what they do and their process to adopting an extremist belief system. After hearing a few case studies it was clear that terrorism gives power to the powerless, significance to feeling insignificant and revenge for those who have felt shamed and humiliated.

“Taking this forward into tutorials delivered to my apprentices I will focus on being mindful of others in our society and treating people with kindness and respect, you never know, the kind words or smile to someone passing you on the street might be enough for them to think twice about their actions, lets spread love and peace, not hate and war.”

Esme, Operations Manager of Education and Learning, added: “The training by Dr Amy McKee gave a different perspective on the issue of radicalisation. It delved into the psyche of the individual, understanding the person and how their journey led to the person down a destructive path. It highlighted just how much family and a close-knit community and support could play a key role in preventing large scale incidents from occurring. I am pleased that the Home Office has offered this training and thank-you to Waltham Forest College for sending an invite over.”


Fashion Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway added her thoughts on the session: “I found DR Amy McKee who delivered the Prevent programme absolutely informative and actually quite riveting.

“She helped explain how vulnerable people can become radicalized and groomed over time and what we need to be vigilant for as teachers. The full-day seminar also explained that radicalization can take place in many forms and it’s not always related to anti-Islam faith but indeed the risk of the Far Right is a large concern for the UK today. The seminar really encouraged a lateral thinking and a compassion for people that are regarded as potentially vulnerable and how to support them.

“I was also impressed with the way Channel works – it is there as a complete support for learners, families and educational institutions that are concerned for the well being of their students.”

The Fashion Enter educational team are dedicated to providing a fully rounded learning experience which includes life skills and wellbeing alongside the fashion and textiles qualifications needed in industry today.

To find out more about PREVENT click here.


7 December 2018
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