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Launch Your Fashion Brand with Four Masterclasses – Recorded Sessions

August 19 - December 19


Spend eight hours with fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson, who has worked in the fashion e-commerce industry for 12+ years working for leading commercial brands like New Look, Miss Selfridges and Forever New.

All four masterclasses are written to take you on a journey, to ensure the greatest understanding therefore the greatest success rate for your fashion brand launch and sales growth.

Start the journey by learning how to find a winning product that will sell itself before moving onto what it takes to launch a successful fashion business. Both these lessons will give you solid foundations to build your business. Following this learn how to sell your product in 2021 by knowing what a successful omnichannel strategy looks like and the sales channels and methods available to you. Finally learn how to prepare and DIY pitch to wholesale accounts around the world, without having to invest in an agent!

Did you miss the live masterclasses? We are now offering recordings of Carley’s 4 sessions: ‘How to Build Your Omnichannel Strategy’, ‘How to Launch a Successful Fashion Business’, ‘How to Produce a High Selling Product’ and ‘How to Wholesale’ for just £20 + VAT.

Masterclass  content:

How to wholesale – recorded session


• How to prepare for wholesale
• How to pitch
• How to price for wholesale
• Platform criteria

Choosing to wholesale your fashion brand isn’t a quick decision, it is a decision you need to make for all the right business reasons. You need to really understand the operating model you’re entering into and what its expectations are from you in this competitive industry. Most importantly you need to know how to appeal to these major fashion platforms around the world.

Fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson has worked in fashion wholesale for over 8-years and sells brands to major platforms like ASOS, NEXT, Zalando etc. She has seen first-hand the increased success rate for brands that take their time, prepare and ensure they are ready to wholesale before pitching their brand.

Therefore in this 2-hour masterclass, Carley will walk you through what you need to do to ensure you are ready to wholesale.

Please note – the lessons you will learn are applicable for local and overseas wholesale as well as e-commerce and physical stores.

How to produce a high selling product – recorded session


• Finding your niche
• Demand and data
• Market and audience research
• Pricing strategy
• Validation

You’re about to launch a product-based business therefore sales should be your number 1 priority. But several steps before selling your product is where the magic happens!

Before investing a penny in producing your product you first need to establish your point of difference, your reason for the consumer to buy your brand. You need to ensure there is an engaged audience that desires your product.

There are 5 critical steps that fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson will walk you through in this 2-hour masterclass to ensure that you produce a winning product that in essence will sell itself.

What does it take to launch a successful fashion business? – recorded session


• Will your product sell? (Idea validation)
• How much money do you need to invest till you break even?
• When is the right time to launch my collection?
• How am I going to sell my collection?

Investing your time and money into a new business is exciting right? Especially when you have always dreamt of launching your own fashion label. Therefore you will want to ensure it is a success from day 1 as no one wants to face failure in year 1.

In this 2-hour masterclass, fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson will focus your attention on 4 key areas that will help you to launch a successful fashion business. And success is measured based on sales and profitability.

Carley wants to help you to ensure that your idea will sell, that there’s a demand and audience waiting to buy it upon launch, as well as teach you when is the right time to launch and what sale strategies to follow in your launch build-up.

How to Build Your Omnichannel Strategy – recorded session


• What does a good omnichannel strategy look like for fashion brands?
• How to know if your fashion brand is ready to approach 3rd party eCommerce?
• How to find the right 3rd party platform for your fashion brand.
• 10 sales channels you should be selling your fashion brand on.


August 19
December 19
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