Production Skills – Award – Garment Pressing (500/4308/0)

The Garment Pressing course is where you can learn the fundamentals of hand pressing, finishing procedures and inspection of sewn products.

What you will study:

You will study 2 units, totalling 13 credits which, upon successful completion, will gain you the ABC Level 1 Award in Fashion and Textiles.

Hand Pressing of Sewn Products, 4 credits

You will be taught how to use equipment and prepare for pressing. Recognise the correct temperature, pressure and steam for a range of natural and man-made fabrics. You will also gain knowledge about quality checking including fabric reaction, shine, stretch and shrinkage.

Introduction to Finishing Procedures for Sewn Products, 9 credits

You will learn how to demonstrate an understanding of finishing procedures for sewn products. This includes how to identify and describe the actions for puckering, distorted seams, skipped stitches and loose threads. You will gain knowledge about AQL (acceptable quality level) and demonstrating an inspection of product/s using the correct documentation and procedures.

How you will be taught

This is a very hands on course so right from the start, you will be learning practical processes. You will be inducted into Health and Safety procedures and policies to ensure you work safely amongst your fellow learners and teachers. Your progress will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the most from the course.

What can I do once I have completed the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, you can seek employment with your new found skills.

This course is available at:

  • London Haringey Campus
  • London Islington Campus
  • Leicester Campus
  • Wales Campus

Course Price: £1350

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