Fashion Design Technical Drawing Course

We are delighted to announce that after seven years of working together the Fashion Technology Academy is now an official affiliate of Telestia, the leading online learning platform for pattern-making and design courses.

Communication is key in the design and production process and it all starts with a technical drawing. Computer aided drawings are the best way of accurately portraying your designs, which is imperative when communicating with a pattern cutter and manufacturer.

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Course Details

In the Telestia Fashion Design Technical Drawing online course learn how to create accurate technical drawings for your designs.

  • You will study and understand how to draw and communicate the basic technical details of a fashion design using the correct principles and figure proportions.
  • The aim of the course is to learn how to create technically correct drawings so that you can use fashion design as a communication tool to convey your creative ideas as a designer.

During the 10 week course you will:

  • Study how to draw the basic figure proportionally for men, women and children.
  • Learn how to draft figure poses and movement and you will practice on designing a great library of garment parts.
  • Learn technical drawing theory and how to use your fashion design drawing to translate the correct proportionate details of a garment from a dressed figure drawing and/or a flat pattern block.
  • Be able to communicate and read 3D ideas into 2D sketches and specs, and vice-versa.

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