Level 3 Certificate – Intermediary Tailoring (500/4448/5)

Intermediary Tailoring is an 18 week course which provides you with the knowledge and skills to produce hand crafted, tailored components. You will undertake visits to master tailors to review how the spoke heritage industry works. You will centre on hand techniques and understand the basics of hand finishing and you will also review industrial tailoring techniques.

What you will study:

Learners must achieve a minimum of 24 credits from units selected from units below:


  • Handcraft tailoring techniques [D/501/8041] Credit value – 8
  • Basic blocks: hand craft tailoring [H/501/8042] Credit value – 8
  • Pattern cutting and construction techniques: handcraft tailored trousers [T/501/8045] Credit value – 8
  • Pattern cutting techniques: handcraft tailored jackets [A/501/8032] Credit value – 8
  • Construction techniques: handcraft tailored jackets [K/501/8043] Credit value – 8
  • Producing tailored components [M/501/8044] Credit value – 8
  • Pattern cutting & construction techniques: production tailored skirts & trousers [A/501/8046] Credit value – 8
  • Construction techniques: production tailored jackets – Credit value – 8

How you will be taught

From the beginning your learning will be practical with some written components. As you progress you will have the opportunity to produce a more tailored garment. Your progress will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the most from your course

What can I do once I have completed the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, you can seek employment with your new found skills or you can progress onto our Accelerator Tailoring course or apply for an apprenticeship.

This course is available at:

  • London Haringey Campus
  • London Islington Campus
  • Leicester Campus
  • Wales Campus

Course Price: £2250

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